The Sandman

by Brent Armour

Though his hideous visages press into my head
Like the face of a child blinded in his bed
I would have you see it
Though outsiders see insanity seeped deep
Though a haunting thought never leaves my white skull’s keep
I would have you be it
Though my tale stretches beyond your cold conceit
Though my pain wracks me from follicle to feet
I would have you conceive it
Though you think me an imagining fool
A raving madman, collar drenched in drool
I would have you believe it
That the sandman’s hands have touched my skin
That his curse brands my mind from within
I would not have you doubt
For to doubt is to despise and to distrust
And your soul’s true love and lust
I could not live without.

Though dreams you think may not be real
A dream leaves one only to feel
And nightmares become waking life
Turn your back to mine and you turn the knife
I see you one day as my wife
But with ring in hand, not blade.

The hand that we should truly fear
Is filled with sand and while we peer
Into the eyes of our loves true
Yours to mine and mine to you
It aims to cast us both aside
With evil shroud a lover’s pride
And leave our lives unmade.

Even that one day we might
Bring our futures into now
That entrenched demon steads his fight
To stain and ruin holy vow
That hand will cast away your sight
Burn the beauty below your brow
Will cause my poor heart to ignite
Two tragedies I cannot allow.

But the sandman has not ended his score,
He pulls me back to the very start
To flames that consumed my progenitor,
The ring of fire that tore my life apart.
I hear your voice come through the roar.
“my eyes are still amongst my parts.”

I see that it was all a ruse,
Your eyes do confirm it so
But your face is only black and bruise
You are death come from below
You and death are both the same.
You tell me of the sandman’s game:
“the sandman’s trickery is his art
The sandman’s cunning is his fame
Those were not my eyes you saw aflame
They were the teardrops flowing from your heart
And the sandman is to blame.”