Our Love

by Christian Alexander

Cotton Tails by Michael Sutton

Cotton Tails by Michael Sutton

Love me? You swore you did.
Yes, I remember the day.
Since then, your heart has not quit.
Even though I fear it may.

Love you? You ask me all the time.
I always tell you, “Yes.”
With my words and my truth, you’re unsatisfied.
But my actions tell you best.

Then why ask? As if the answer will change.
When my breath hangs on yours,
A day spent not loving you leaves my heart estranged,
An incomplete heart that needs you more.

Trust me? Do you believe me?
The truth is spoken when our lips touch,
I will love you for eternity.
And even that will never be enough.

Our love? It will stand firm through life’s trials.
Because we work to build each other up.
Without you, two feet are a thousand miles.
Without me, you’ll always have an empty cup.