Nineteen Fifty Nine

by Cynthia Hall

Fidel Castro came into power in Cuba.
My great grandfather Oceola Ashley closed his eyes forever.
The original “Twilight Movie” came to the picture show.
Hurricane Debra came though Houston.
Dwight Eisenhower was President.
Alaska became the forty-ninth state in the union.
Daddy was celebrating his twenty-fourth birthday
on Friday night while it was flooding outside.
A dollar could buy five loaves of bread.
A gallon of gas cost twenty-five cents.
Mother was stuck with no way to the hospital
because of the flooded roads.
Promises, promises, De Beers manufactures
the first synthetic diamond.
Uncle Bill drove his pickup truck to the hospital
with my mother in labor.
They say the barometric pressure makes babies come.
IBM shipped the first transistor based IBM mainframe computer.
Hawaii became the fiftieth state in the union.
A Barbie doll cost $1.29.
I came at the three o’ hour on a Sunday morning.