Men are Good

by Brent Armour

Men are good.
Believe it, should.
Though brains slice cows with machete nails
Minds go fowl when flesh impaled.
Itches scratch perhaps best when fingers rest,
Clawing beaks at thoughts from precious nests.
Men are bold.
But die in cold.
But die when old.
But lie down for story’s told.
Evil man would be sold on this
Casting foul into all that’s his.
Bare foot in green field make for dream.
Men run toward the yielding scream.
To aid one or to aid the other,
Men in cahoots with matching colors.
Men take their roots inside their brothers
Death to else and nones and others.

Cabeza 2 by Annae de Font Reaulx

Cabeza 2 by Annae de Font Reaulx

Men are good.
Believe it, should.
Though soul does roll in brimming blood puddle,
Though spirits gnash and rip in skirmish huddle,
Dark auras sprout as dandelions,
Spreading out with cold designs.
Would evil plan but chaos bloom?
Would evil kill with snail’s pace doom?
Man is mushroom in dank room,
Man is mold in stinking gloom.

Truth is told in women’s watch,
While other eyes tune to the crotch
Though some are blinded, some do see
That blood run to infinity.
Women grow man’s only good.
Women on whom all men have stood.
Only women sow a true manhood.
And Women know,
Believe it, should.