Doogie by Larry Bradford

Doogie by Larry Bradford

Melissa Lee is currently a student at Houston Community College completing her prerequisites in preparation to enter the nursing program. She is outspoken, focused, driven, and always finding a positive and dramatic way of expressing herself and in an attempt to make others around her smile. She attended the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) where she achieved her Bachelor’s in Business Administration. After Working in the retail industry for 3 years, she realized her passion was caring for others, so she decided to pursue a career in nursing. Her myriad of interest include: reading, creative writing, photography and travel.

Jade Robinson is a dual credit student currently studying at South Early College High School and Houston Community College. Jade has been writing poetry and short stories since a young age and is a newly published writer. She has a deep compassion for the Arts and self-expression.  In the future Jade hopes to inspire other youths to always embrace the liberal arts and their creative side.

Jairo Chacon has lived in Houston all his life. He’s lived in Katy, Alief and is currently residing in the Heights. He has been exposed to the melting pot of Houston’s diversity and has influenced his writings. Jairo loves to play basketball, drums and meeting new people.

Tamil Lilly was born and raised in Houston, TX on February 21, 1985. She was the 3rd child born of 7 children. She graduated from Booker T Washington H.S. in May of 2003. Shortly after school she worked in customer service for a total of 12 years. Throughout her lifetime, she’s had a passion for crafting, music, and storytelling. Each journal represented a milestone in life such as childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and, motherhood. She’s a mother of 3 beautiful daughters aged 11, 7 and 5. There’s certainly not a dull moment in a home full of little divas. For the majority of her children’s lives, she tackled many obstacles and responsibilities on her own with very little to no assistance from their father. Her trials as a single mother in her earlier years influenced her 1st poem, “How Do I.” When she’s not managing a busy household or writing entries in her journal, she is attending school as a full-time student at HCC. Tamil is currently working towards earning her Associates Degree in Business Technology. She’s made this decision in hopes of paving a way towards a better life for her children. Even though the odds were against her in juggling school and motherly duties, with the support of her family, children and soulmate of 3 years, she continues to persevere on her journey towards improving herself.

Lauren Iarussi is a full-time student and part-time personal assistant. She loves photography, art, reading, and writing. She is majoring in English aspires to be a writer and/or editor. Her writing is drawn from personal experience and observations of the world around her, and covers topics such as joy, pain, and the process of healing and finding herself.

Phebe Huang is a charming, witty, and exceptionally artistic young mother to three dazzling girls, and devout wife to one extremely lucky husband. When she isn’t juggling a job, her home life, and cramming in as much academic knowledge humanly possible, she enjoys dabbling in art of simplified Vietnamese cuisine.

Cynthia Hall is a second year student at Central. I just discovered I love writing. “1959” was the year of my birth and the things are true. I am an ordained minister, mother and grandmother, inducted in the National Society of Leadership and Success April 2016.

A Search for Identity Louisa Tang

A Search for Identity by Louisa Tang

Christian M. Alexander was born and raised in Houston, TX and is currently studying in the hotel and restaurant management program at HCC.  She plans to transfer to the University of Houston to receive her bachelor’s degree in the same program. From a young age, Christian developed academic understanding and artistic talents.  She participated in many extracurricular activities throughout her academic career. In middle school, she was a stage manager in the drama club and a soprano in the choir in high school. As singer she has competed in UIL and received a 1 with the choir and a 2 as a soloist. Writing has always been one of her main passions. Whenever times are difficult, she can always write it out and express herself. She was a tad nervous to submit her work to the Journal but then remembered that everyone deserves to live their dreams. Since she has more than one passion, she guarantees you she is just getting started.


Annae de Font-Réaulx was born the 29 of July of 1972 in Guadalajara, Mexico. Her professional formation is in Graphic and Interior Design. She has a minor in Marketing and publicity from Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara (UAG) and from Instituto Tecnologico de Estudios Superiores de Occidente (ITESO). She is married to Architect Mauricio de Font-Réaulx who is her inspiration and reason to be; she is a proud mother of Christiane, Dominique and Gaétan.

 Michael Sutton was born in 1982 in Omaha, Nebraska, and now resides in Houston, Texas.  As a child, Michael found pleasure in drawing and creating art.  In his teenage years, he took an interest in photography.  This self-taught recreational activity soon blossomed into a passionate hobby and his interests began to expand into digital art and web design. In 2014, after living in Houston for six years and working in the travel industry, Michael decided to return to school and attend Houston Community College where he could turn his passion for art into a profession.  He enjoys applying these skills to photographs he has taken from travels around the world.   Michael experiments with different techniques and utilizes bright colors, symmetry and diptychs to blur the lines between fantasy and reality incorporating the sky into every design he creates.In 2015, Michael’s cover art for the Corpocracy Mixtape Sound Series at the Station Museum in Houston, Texas was selected for one of the four mix tapes produced.  He currently has work showcased in the 2016 Spring Student Art Exhibit at the Houston Community College Central Art Gallery.  Michael will receive an Associate in Arts degree this month and continue his studies at the University of Houston in the fall of 2016.

Madelline Vicencio was born and raised in Houston, TX. Madelline Vicencio adds a fresh approach to art in such a way that separates her from the normal roster of emerging artists. While only a student, Madelline learned how to incorporate traditional art with digital medium in order to express her inner thoughts and feelings; similar to the Surrealists in Art History with a taste of abstract expressionism. Her piece “Half of Me”, is testimony toa fusion of this style, and was even selected to partake in an exhibition at the Houston Community College in the Spring of 2016. Currently, Madelline is working on expanding her artistic vision as she continues to experiment with different styles, mediums of art, and ideas.

Larry Bradford is a college student who is working towards becoming an expert in Computer Networking and Security. Mr. Bradford will be graduating with his AAS in Computer Science in May of 2016, and pursuing his Bachelors of Science at University of Houston-Downtown. He currently has a 3.5 GPA. Mr. Bradford has certifications in Microsoft MTA Networking, Microsoft MTA Security and Microsoft MTA Server 2008. He’s a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success where he served on the Executive Board as Secretary and received the National Engaged Leadership award, and a Certificate of Recognition for Leadership. He has been on the Dean’s List for two consecutive semesters. Mr. Bradford is a member of the Phi Theta Kappa Honors Fraternity and is currently the President of the Men of Honor organization where he also received Certificate of Recognition for Leadership.

Shuk-Chun (Louisa) Tang was born in Cambodia in 1972. Her family emigrated to Hong Kong before the genocide started in 1975. Being fascinated by nature, she majored in biology. To extend her interest in science, she pursued graduate study in biomedical research and came to the United States in 2000 as a research scientist. Being heavily trained in the logical thinking, she likes creating artwork as a way to express her emotion. She had her first camera after college and photography has become her passion since then. Other than taking pictures of the biological specimens under the microscope, she also likes to travel and take photos of different cultures. To her, photography is an art of observation. It is about finding something extraordinary in an ordinary place. It can be a powerful medium of expression and communications. She dreams of becoming a medical illustrator one day. She is currently a practicing pharmacist in Houston, Texas.