Welcome. Midtown Issue 10

There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at
a typewriter and bleed.
        —Ernest Hemingway

The Train of Light by Thai Pham

The Train of Light by Thai Pham

Winners of the Writing Contest Spring 2015:

1st Place: Excerpt: Ogygia by Sam Rhodes
2nd Place: Desert Sand by Myunique Green
3rd Place: Bush by Anthony Lee

1st Place: Things We Should Have Said by Joycelyn Hui Yi Mok
2nd Place: Things Are Being Made Clean by Brent Armour
3rd Place: That’s Just It by Gabriela Magaña

1st Place: What is a Father by Daniel Senteno
2nd Place: The Old and New Grandpa by Christina Rose Graham
3rd Place: Who I Love by Helen Oliver