The Empty Vase

by Sharon Young

Swallowed by a masquerade of music, I’m lost
My body knotted in the curl of a treble
I lay beside a haunted bayou
Wearing nothing but retention across my chest
Voices chanting upon open waters
How can I stop my soul from crying?
The saddest night I’ve ever had …was the day I awoke to your death
Your life concluded in the hands of a man who’s blood beat in the same rhythm as yours
A man who poisoned the root of my innocence
Your eyes ingested my naked fear
In my defense, you surrendered your last breath
I watched as the waters drank of you
Whimpers died in the dark of my throat
I’m empty inside of myself
My body is a casket that holds the hallowed truth
A reservoir of pain keeps basing through me
There’s a venomous scream in my heart
But only spirits can hear it
These waters whisper a sinister refrain
Daddy, I know you would have never play’d this song for me
My body was left open on the side of a ledge
Who’s going to help me carry this shame?
My voice swells at the itch of challenging my demise
Flowers wither in empty vases
I’m living in a world that I didn’t choose
Dying in the ridges of ruin
I fold stiff inside of my fears
I don’t do well in open spaces
My life is as dark as swamp secrets
The owls cry for me
Tragedy travels my skin like abandoned flames
I tied knots in memories that I would split my soul to forget
Somebody left a ghost in my body
And my mind is too weak to release it

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