by Robert Beydler

A desert resides- within
her mind’s eye
ever shaping her
as she slides- along
on the creature
created by

Learning Self-love 2 by Jacqueline Garcia

Learning Self-love 2 by Jacqueline Garcia

the cracks in her
skin- can prove
a harsh reality- outside
skews her own

through time,
still solids will be- known
to inner peace
she’s spellbound
in clay- color visions,
never knowing- any silence
beyond her living

a tattered dress,
her dreams, and much
worn- by any means
so her creation
may move along
as such

hours are
making things- move
she sticks in silence
and the words tick in her

Everything’s wrong.
My head hangs with shame.
I’ll never come out of my desert,
my clay- of it, my elephant
I’ve made.

On years and
on- she disappeared
into the distance
as a stranger
in a strange land

she left to be a stranger,

inspired- by her inner clay

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