Always the Listener

by Christina Rose Graham

The loving mother is holding her darling baby girl.
A bright eyed couple having a picnic under the trees.
The grandfather laughing with his family members.
Two young girls chasing each other around and around.
A girl who is heartbroken sitting at the bench alone.
Random people lost in their thoughts about a past life.
Someone in sunglasses trying to become invisible.

Love, heartbreak, death, life, day dreams, and nightmares.
This park swirls those emotions and feelings around.
Everyone is together, yet far apart. Everyone has a story.
Do they see each other when they are in their own world?
Can the joyful feel the pain of the sorrowful people?
This may be a single location, but it holds so much more.
It contains hundreds of atmospheres for families and loners.

The soothing of the wind blazing by and the leaves crinkling.
The vibrant sound of shoes running on the dull dirty concrete.
Grainy sound of the tires when parking and driving away.
The water streaming out of the water fountains around the facility.
Basketballs bouncing on the courts with people in the stands cheering.
Dogs barking while playing in the lime green grass with their owners.
It may seem hectic but it is like a puzzle, it fits together perfectly.

She sees everything happening around her and feels it all.
She closes her eyes and becomes the emotions of others.
The one who sits and wonders why she is always left behind.
It doesn’t bother her though, because she feels whole here.
People do not see her, but she sees them and that is enough.
She feels no need to interact with people face to face.
She has been and will forever be just a simple listener.

L'amour by Ginna Rengifo

L’amour by Ginna Rengifo

1 Response to Always the Listener

  1. carencro2paris says:

    Becomes the emotions of others. . . . . I love this part!
    Really enjoyed reading this piece and The Old and New Grandpa
    Keep writing, keep exploring!!

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