Time Travel

by Joseph Watson

I already know what you’re gonna say,
But, do you believe in time travel?
I do

I visited my past self in the future through
an interdimensional portal, teleported
to my room on a light cycle.
I asked my younger self
“Do you want your senses
enhanced with sonar and telepathy?”

Evolution by Bernardo Lopez

Evolution by Bernardo Lopez

“Of course”, I said
I told the Boy-Me, it is our destiny
To become
Crimson Man Ultra.
what can he do
Eat sound
through his eyes
visualize flavors
with his hands
Audibly inhale textures
Listen to color
with his nose
touch oder
with his lips.

Ready, set, go, from A, B, to Omega
I looked at my ashy skin, wiped my snotty nose
And Telekinized with a passport to the galaxy
That night I was transformed, flash forward,
I’m standing on my own comet
My feet, legs, chest, arms, neck,
and head solid stone ruby red with sonar
I am Tai Chi in motion
A New Lion, red, wrapped
in sunlight.
Neo Leo bending and binding magnetic fields.
Many dimensions lie between the Sun and Pluto
I’ve seen all of them.

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