Slashes Indicate Line Breaks

by K. Netra Babin

Dreadful Day by Jacqueline Garcia

Dreadful Day by Jacqueline Garcia

Hundreds of years ago, slashes left marks to break
Masters slashed slaves with lives at stake
Building our generation with a complex
Fast forward to the era of Dr. King and Malcolm X
Accusations, allegations, aggravation, complication
Together side by side in line formation
United we stand to build our nation
Lines so strong not to be broken
Racism, prejudice, and inequality slashes of our lives in time
Generational slashes interrupt the line
When do the slashes not break the lines?
A vicious cycle attempting to break and be set free
Living a life of endless controversy
The more things stay the same that’s the definition of insane.
History repeats itself again.
                                                           Slashing with ammunition
                                                           Dealing with social and economic transitions
                                                          Not quite in position
                                                          Hands up… assume the position
                                                          Lord make it all disappear like a magician.

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