I Wake Up

by Karah Kay Pay-an

Garden by Jacqueline Garcia

Garden by Jacqueline Garcia

The fresh scent of
pines trees welcome
me as I run so
fast that my feet are
lifted from the ground.
At last I can fly!
I welcome the rush of
the wind against by bare
skin. The lightness of my
body brings exhilarating
joy! I tremble
from the excitement of
being liberated
from chains that
bind me. Chains
that are made by
Expectation, molded
by Society and
executed by Life.
Yet not long after I
taste liberation I
plummet down.
I wake up with such
Frustration, I grip my blanket
so tight. I stare at the
Open window into the
dawning sky. I sigh.
I get out of bed.
Unexpectedly I
smile at the thought
of running today.

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