Growing Up

by Theressa Thanars

Looking out the window
Other children playing,
Kids jumping rope,
Riding their bicycles,
Hide and seek, I love that game.

Trees, seem to be so tall,
The grass so green, full of life,
Leaves blowing
Freely in the wind,

Kids playing all day
But nap time for me.
Getting older, grass still green
Trees taller than ever.

Mom watching from the window
As I play with other kids,
Running and screaming,
Hide and seek.

Protected, I love
My mother so dearly
She still sees me
As a child of younger age

Memories of an old mom say:
Growing up in the country
Picking cotton, greens, and corn

Chores were more important
Everything looks different now
Time has passed now,
I am all grown up
Kids of my own
Growing up is wonderful,

Words of wisdom
I will never forget
Looking over my life
Parent, child, and the now.

4 Responses to Growing Up

  1. This is a beautiful poem reflecting on one’s youth and how things seemed as a child. Memories can be important parcels to carry into the future with us as we continue to grow and appreciate those in our lives that helped to make those memories.

  2. Sheree says:

    Very well written! Memories of then helped to mold us for who we are now!

  3. Imani Chauzen says:

    Great writing Theressa, GGggrrrreaaatt!!!!

  4. Imani Chauzen says:

    Great work!!!

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