by Anthony Lee

Do you want to talk about it? I can see you staring at it. It’s truly remarkable isn’t it? That bush. Look at it, it’s just there in the middle of the yard. Just there in its perfectly square shape. All by itself in the middle of the yard. Yes, look. It’s perfect. There’s nothing to mess with its perfectly square shape.

Yes, I planted it there. I don’t know why I did, but I did. It just seemed right to put it there. Yes, I just had to put it there so I could admire the square shape. I can’t stop looking at it. Ah, sorry, you’re wondering more about it aren’t you? Well, it started last week when I was doing some yard work. You see before I planted the bush there were weeds everywhere in the yard. After cleaning the yard I noticed how plain the yard was.

So I decided to go out and plant something there. It was during that time I discovered this bush. How I fell into a trance by its square shape. That perfectly square shape. People passed it by and didn’t seem to admire its square goodness, but I did. I bought it right away and came home. I thought about where I should plant it. Then it hit me. To admire it I should plant it where it could be the center of attention. Therefore, I planted it there, for me and others to admire . Yes, don’t you agree that having it there is the best?

Of course you do. Look at it. It’s perfectly squared. I love it. I can’t help but go out every day to gaze my eyes upon it. It’s a shame my bathroom window doesn’t face the bush. That way I would be able to stare at it while I shit, but alas I can’t have everything. My god! Isn’t it simply amazing! I can’t help but love the beautiful shape it has.

Up Keeping Decay by Luis Cerna

Up Keeping Decay by Luis Cerna

Does anyone else like it? Well no, of course not. They can’t help not understand it. They say they hate the square shape of it. They don’t see the beauty in it. They are blind to it. Blind in seeing how beautiful its square shape is . Ah, so lovely isn’t it?

Ah, I’m sorry. I invited you here to enjoy this bush, but I seem to keep my attention on it instead of you. I apologize. I guess even you are not enough to stop me from gazing at it. You wonder if I plan on doing anything with it. You mean trim it? God no. Trim into an animal? Like those you see in some peoples’ yards or in the city zoo? No.

I would hate to do that to its bush shape. I love the square shape of this bush, but back to that animal made from bushes. Yes, I would never do that. I hate the thought of it. Especially Giraffes. Why do people always do Giraffes? They’re weird animals. They have such long necks and skinny legs, so uneven. That’s why the thought of turning my bush into that gives me shivers. I would hate to lose its perfect square shape. Ah, I can’t bear the thought of it. Please let us escape this idea.

What, you must leave? Why? Don’t you want to continue to look upon this bush? Do you want to admire its square shape? Well then, I guess I shall have the whole day to admire it. Yes the whole day to admire this perfectly square bush. Oh, see yourself out, for I can’t get away. This bush it calls me to admire it; to admire its perfect square shape.

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