Karah Kay Pay-an is a full time student at HCC. She is currently pursuing a career in nursing. She is originally from Philippines. She has been living here in Houston for about six years now. She is always been fascinated about the effects of poems in people she have met. Her inspirations in creating her poem come from her experiences as well as those experiences that her love ones share with her. Some of her hobbies are playing interactive novels and watching animated films. She sometimes, in her spare time, draws and reads books.

Bitches by Savannah Sbeiti

Bitches by Savannah Sbeiti

Joycelyn Hui Yi Mok is a 20 year old student from Singapore. Highly introverted, she often finds herself flapping about quite helplessly, like a fish out of water, in this extrovert-bias world. A quote she can really relate to is by Gillian Flynn from Gone Girl, “People love talking, and I have never been a huge talker. I carry on an inner monologue, but the words often don’t reach my lips.”

Brent Armour is the creator and Editor in Chief of He has been published in several horror and science fiction journals under various pen names. Most recently a selection of his poems was featured in the print edition of The Horror Zine under the name: Temple Salter. He can be contacted at

Myunique Green Throughout grade school Myunique was always told that she had a story to tell, and writing has since become the single thing holding her together. When she’s not writing, Myunique finds herself spending an unhealthy amount of time watching movies she’s most likely seen twenty times- since she self diagnosed herself as a ‘Nostalgia Junkie.’ She considers herself something of an oddball and undoubtedly the black sheep of her family. With an attachment to the weirder things in life, her quest began by simply wanting to create something different. She has been previously published. Her short story 713 was the # 1 U.S. Short Story of 2013.

Sakura by NinaL opez-Arauz

Sakura by NinaL opez-Arauz

Anthony Lee is a writer and artist. Over the years he has written several short stories, a book, and currently in the process of editing his second book. He has yet to find a publisher, but is determined to get his work published. He has a strong creative mind and wishes to spread the worlds, characters, and adventures he creates with the world. The genre he writes in are: Horror, Science Fiction, Fiction, Suspense, Action, and Fantasy.

Javon Hagan is a full time student at HCC she is currently entering in her second year, her major is communications and desires to become a teacher/speech therapist. In her free time she loves to watch movies which inspires a lot of her poems and writings.

Netra Babin is a novice writer who began writing in college after being encouraged by a college professor in a creative writing class. The variation of writing assignments allowed her to channel a lost energy she had developed as a teen where she kept a journal. By engaging in the college level writing class she began to explore her writings more with brainstorming, blogging, and even script writing. While her favorite style of writing is more comedy based, she enjoys writing about social and political issues in a poetic format to express herself and reach others. She aspires to be a writer of children and adolescent books, plays and television sitcoms.

Bulb by Thai Pham

Bulb by Thai Pham

Hung Nguyen has been living in Houston since August 2007. He was a photographer and graphic designer for many years in Vietnam and is still doing that in his job now. He has been attending HCC since the Spring of 2012 and will be to graduating soon. His poems were written through his own ideas influenced by traditional eastern culture and some love poets of Vietnam.

Gabbi Magana is a Renaissance woman at heart. She believes in living to the fullest and refuses to settle for less. She has a driving force within that gets her to find amazement in every experience she encounters. She finds joy in the small things and can spend hours observing the world that surrounds her. She loves creating stories in her canvas and through her typewriter.

Charlotte Johnson prefers to be called ‘Charlie’. She was born November 11, 1985 in Landstuhl, Germany. Her mom moved with her to Houston Texas when she was 5. She has two boys, Gary and Jermaine. She aspires to be an author or poet but in between full time mothering and her full time job, it seems like a myth. She enjoys reading and hanging out with my friends. She is weird as crap but her charm saves her.

Brittany Sherman is a single mother of three year old Shye and 11 month old Rj. She was raised in the small town of Cut Off, Louisiana along with her four siblings. Her hobbies are reading, crafting, and spending time with her children. She attends Houston Community College in hopes of one day becoming a criminal psychologist.

Christina Graham is 21 years old and currently a sophomore at HCC Central. She will be transferring to the University of Houston-Main in the fall and pursing double majors in English-Creative Writing as well as Communications-Journalism. Christina has always enjoyed writing but found that it was her true passion when she enrolled in English 2307 with Dr. Varghese. Through her writing she hopes to give readers a story that they can relate to and that can help them through any hard times that they may go through. She would like to show the different situations that people are going through and can go through so that she can shed light on situations that need to be paid attention to. Her main goal is to help people understand not only the words that are written, but the silences in a story as well, because what the characters don’t do or say is just as important as what they do.

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