Sticks and Stones

by Patrick Garza

I’ve been bullied my whole life.
My whole life people have been throwing hurtful words at me.
But you know, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”
Heh. Words will never hurt.

Funny, ‘cause I remember a little boy, feeling destined to be alone
Feeling like he was worth nothing.
Feeling like death was the only way out.
But, “They’re just words.”

“At least they’re not beating you right?”
It’s funny, ‘cause in a way,
That would have been better.
I would have preferred that.

Maybe they would have believed me.

Benedict Yeo - Fear

Benedict Yeo – Fear

The bruises, the physical pain,
My body mends.
It doesn’t make it justifiable
But those “harmless” words,
Those words that are “just a joke”

They slowly eat away at your heart.
Eat away until there is nothing left.
Nothing but a deep depression.
But, “You’re young,”
“You have nothing to be depressed about.”

I was saved,
But right now,
There is someone out there,
Who is just like I was.


And what are you doing?
Laughing at him,
Mocking him,
You’re killing him.

The only way out,
Isn’t it?
It isn’t?!
Then why does he think that?

All these “harmless” words,
All this isolation
You’re killing him,
Killing him with the words that can never hurt him.

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