Reminiscent of Transcendence

by Donna Shaw

No dainty smile upon
your lips,
focused gaze, granite jaw
raw-rough beauty
I am captured by you.

Michael McCain, Angel

Michael McCain, Angel

My fingers run
along deep groves
carved into you
spirit to spirit
I know you.

Slashes define, perfect
remove the unneeded.
The universality
Of truth revealed,
My heart receives you.

Your burnt and bronze
being shines with a
glory of knowing,
The world is not an easy place
I am connected to you.

Roughed edged wonder,
grace, and fortitude,
defeats, and victories,
alone and yet not.
I have experienced you

Powerful arms cradle
Massive-wings outstretch
carry the child of
God, too battered to walk.
I Thank the Lord for you.

Your heavy weight tells
life’s history, blessings,
battles etched on body and
soul, enmeshed and held
I recall I am reborn with you.

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