Mark Green, Untitled

Mark Green, Untitled

By believing passionately
in something that still
does not exist, we create.
                –Franz Kafka

Winners of the Writing Contest  Spring 2014:

1st Place: King David by Paul Broussard
2nd Place: Forged by Fire by Myunique Green
3rd Place: Falcon’s Grudge by Himanshu Shukla

1st Place: Immigrant by Bahare Kazemghamsari
2nd Place: Expedition Furnace by Nicholas Ferguson
3rd Place: Footsteps in the Sand by Patrick Garza

1st Place: Translation by Tolu Oduba
2nd Place: Epiphany by Tannaya Brown
3rd Place: Cold Snap by Evelyn Kuhleman

Art                                                                                                                                                    Honorable Mention: Head in the Yarn, Nikki Machacek
Honorable Mention: Tread on Me, Matthew Sanchez                                                                    Honorable Mention: Retro fit, Deborah Clise

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