Mark Green, Self Portrait

Mark Green, Self Portrait

Gabriela Magana is a 25 year old girl, born and raised in Mexico. She now lives in Houston where she enjoys to express her experiences through the art of writing and painting. She is studying to become an American Sign Language Interpreter. When she is not imagining her own world, she is reading about others on the pages of a book.

Myunique Green Throughout grade school Myunique was always told that she had a story to tell, and writing has since become the single thing holding her together. When she’s not writing, Myunique finds herself spending an unhealthy amount of time watching movies she’s most likely seen twenty times- since she self diagnosed herself as a ‘Nostalgia Junkie.’ She considers herself something of an oddball and undoubtedly the black sheep of her family. With an attachment to the weirder things in life, her quest began by simply wanting to create something different.

Paul Broussard was born in the Southside District of Houston, TX. He served three years in the Air Force and is now seeking a degree in Dental Hygiene at Houston Community College. He has self-published two works, Burn Baby, Burn and The Study, both available on two on-line websites, Authorstand and Wattpad. His passions are swimming, drinking, and holding his breath. He currently lives in Midtown with his new puppy, Cocoa.

Tannaya Brown is a mother of two, also a Glam Ma of two. She is also an HCC student and employee. Tannaya enjoys being a mother and Glam Ma. She loves interacting with people on all levels and strongly believes in helping others because you never know who may have to be there for you. Tannaya admires and appreciates all her Professors who took the time to teach and appreciate her as a student as well as a person. Lastly, she enjoys and loves my coworkers.

Himanshu Shukla is a 21 year old skinny kid of indian(from india) descent. He currently goes to Houston Community College for a higher education to one day earn an adequate living and contribute to society simultaneously. He lives with loving parents and a younger brother. His hobbies include studying, playing tons of video games and taking long unnecessary showers. He believes in independent thinking and “keeping it real.”  “Life is without meaning. You bring the meaning to it. The meaning of life is whatever you ascribe it to be. Being alive is the meaning.”–Joseph Campbell

Evelyn Marie Kuhleman is 33 years old. The human connection and nature are her daily inspirations. She is a truth seeker and knows everyone has their own version of it. She is a fast talker and an aimless wanderer, an endless daydreamer wearing a questionable smile. Evelyn wants to travel the world, smell and taste other cultures, walk every continent, interact with people, and swim in every sea. She won’t stop wandering until she does.

Angela Johnson is a native of Stone Mountain, Georgia. She is an Education major and a mother of two. She writes material that deeply inspires her, drawing from real life experiences and relationships.

Rolando Velazquez was born in Monterrey, Mexico. He has been living in Houston for the last 3 years. He’s a student at HCC working on his Associate in Arts and planning to attain a Bachelors in Public Relations.

Felicia Goode is a native Houstonian and is currently studying Liberal Arts at Houston Community College. Writing, cooking, and live music are only a few things this creative and down-to-earth future author enjoys. She is also the proud mother of three young adults: Andrew, Matthew, and Lindsay. Oatmeal is her first published piece.

Patrick Garza is 20 years old and was born and raised in Houston. He has been writing in his spare time since he was 7 years old when he wrote his well-known (by his parents) fiction piece “Candy Feet”. “He is the most talented writer in the whole world,” says his mother. He can play 9 different musical instruments. He also loves Pokémon. He is currently writing a fan fiction novel for Pokémon which he is not at all embarrassed about (not). Patrick has attended Houston Community College for 2 years and plans on transferring to a 4 year university starting Fall 2014. Patrick’s future career plan is to be a high school history teacher and during the summers in his future career, plans to travel the world as a missionary. Unless of course they find a way to make Pokémon real, then he will be a travelling missionary/Pokémon Master!





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