Jody Perry, Panorama

Midtown thanks Alan Ainsworth, Bennie Ansell, Syble Simon, Benjamin Buso, Scott Carothers, College Activity Board of HCC-Central, Linda Daigle, Robert Ford, Lydia French, Edwin Gallaher, Michael Golden, William Harmon, Harold Haynes, Perry House, Claire Kageyama-Ramakrishnan, Sharon Klander, Loli Kolber, Linda Piper-Price, Novella Brooks DeVita, Jack Marshall, Kimberly McSherry, Charlie Morris, Cheryl Peters, Carla Robinson, Iris Rozencwajg,  Sara Vargas, Ranjana Varghese, Randall Watson, Roger Wood, Jasmine Boone, Writers’ Bloc, and all of the faculty and staff of the English and Fine Arts departments of HCC Central.HCC Board of Trustees: Richard M. Schechter, Chair; Bruce A. Austin, Yolanda Navarro Flores, Eva Loredo, Sandie Mullins, Christopher W. Oliver, Mary Ann Perez, Neeta Sane, Dr. Michael P. Williams. Dr. Mary Spangler, Chancellor. Dr. Arthur Tyler, Deputy Chancellor.

Matthew Sanchez, Tread on Me

Faculty Sponsor and Managing Editor
Melinda Mejia

Faculty Art Editor
Bennie Ansell

Spring 2014 Editorial Board & Writing Contest Jurors
Paul Broussard
Sabin Jacob
Evelyn Kuhleman
Stephanie Toppin

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