My Way

Itzel Tlatoa
Sitting on the roof of this mansion I can see it all in my way.
If anyone else was to come up here, would they see it my way?
This house is huge for only two people; maybe I could find better things to do.
But this roof is the only place where I feel safe, the place where it’s finally my way.
I get tired of sitting on this uncomfortable, hard roof every day, but
I deal with it because it’s the only place where the world runs my way.
This house is so tall; I get a view that not many people get.
This view gives me hope; things will one day be my way.
I lie on the roof, look at the sky and stare at the stars.
Will the brightest star there is ever shine my way?
Up here I find the support and happiness that I can’t find inside.
This view makes me feel like success is finally coming my way.
Will anyone ever feel what I feel when I’m here? Can anyone see what I see?
I, Itzel, invite you. Come join me, come view the world my way.

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1 Response to My Way

  1. Daisy Solares says:

    Such a beautiful way of laying down emotions and creating a piece of art. Fav. Poem ❤

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