Church Girl

Cherisha Harris
go put on that frilly little frock so yo mama can be happy
   (now that’s the way a pretty little lady is supposed to look)
go put on that big ole hat
nice white tailored starched dry cleaned suit
stockings clean slip
   (don’t forget yo slip girl)
so the preacher can look out the corner of his eye
my my don’t you look holy today

hair do-ed up
nails done
fresh from the beauty shop
Stroll down that aisle girl!
high heels
head high
see who turns to look
Be a good girl
Sit up straight
sing loud enough for the angels in heaven to hear
                        pass me not
                        oh gentle savior
                        hear my humble cry
                        while on others
                        Thou are calling
                        do not pass
See me Father for who I am
a po weary church girl
caught up in the clutches of
  so i’m told
Do not shut yo eyes
Do not turn me over
Church Girl
took off the suit
burned the slip
   it crawled and made me sweat
kept the hat
   I look good in it
running round with that man
that no good man
   (he don’t go to church girl?)
had a church man
  sitting in the front row singing hymns preaching praising the lord
   he’s gone
without me
without his children
Church Girl
check the beam in your eye
my eyes sparkle and shine
not from wine
i Am
covered by the blood
sitting on the front row
every Sunday morning
clapping my hands
   (you clap your hands in church girl?)
Singing loud enough for the angels in heaven to hear
                               i don’t feel no ways tired
                               i’ve come too far
                               from where I’ve started from
                               nobody told me
                               the road would be easy
                               i don’t believe
                               brought me this far
                               to leave
Church Girl
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