Tahrir Square

Sarah Zaman

To all the Egyptians who gathered in Tahrir Square,
I wish I can stand and be with you there
to witness and be part of a revolution so rare,
and to stand against a regime that is unfair.

For not only do you stand for what is right,
but you oppose with all your might
a power that has caused much fright,
bombing and shooting you night after night.

Day after day you protest this regime,
Enough, you cry, Enough, you scream.
We are done with this dictator’s scheme,
It’s time for us to live out our dream.

All you ask is for Mubarak to leave,
chanting together, We want a reprieve.
Yet he appears before you to deceive,
telling you, “I didn’t want this, you misperceive!”

But you persist in the square of liberation,
to drive your point home in affirmation
that democracy is not an aspiration
and you have every right to voice your frustration.

They send thugs to stab, kick, and fight,
stooping to new lows, night after night.
But you do not care, for you know you are right,
there at the end of the tunnel is a light.

You see freedom and democracy so clear,
you will stand for them despite any fear.
And to all those who died we shed a tear
You did not die in vain, we will always revere!

So to all in Tahrir, you have my deepest respect.
In my heart I know that you are truly correct.
I wish I could be there to protest and object,
but I will amplify your voices to make an effect.

Let freedom ring in Egypt once again,
time to put an end to Mubarak’s reign.
Enough innocent life has been slain,
It’s time to ring in a democratic campaign.

Liberation in Tahrir Square!

David Balay

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