Mostly But Not All

Samantha Mysel (3rd place. Poetry. Spring 2011 Writing Contest)

I like the indifference of two sided arrows.
I like the emotion of the sky.
I like the small defiance
of a bird’s eye view of a city
at night.
I really like the strength of paper
the pliability of ink.
I really enjoy tangible
and I bask in fantasizing
about the meaning of abstract.
Maybe tomorrow
will hold its own against
so many yesterdays.
But, maybe tomorrow
will crumble
like today.
I won’t know until I choose
which direction to watch
the sunset from.

Killjakjaae by Jake Hooper

I like the math
it takes to love.
I like the emotion
it takes to think.
And I like the little thought
it takes
to speak.
I like how science
is a faith.
I like how all
my friends don’t wash their smiles.
I like being cold when it’s hot.
I like the condition
I’ve left myself in.
And if today is
any indication of tomorrow
I’m going to like everyone
I invite in.

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