Notes on Contributors

Kim Earls

Born and raised Nigerian, Lewis Agulue‘s culture taught him that a hard working man comes home everyday with the evidence of toil on his shirt and his hands; so whenever he finishes writing, he likes to roll around in the dirt to keep up the tradition. He loves riding motorcycles because of the freedom he experiences, and he loves creative writing because it gives him the the chance to fully explore his imagination and its endless possibilities.

Xuan-Nhan Cornett spent the greater part of her life learning from the seemingly polar cultures of her Vietnamese mother and American father. She spends most of her time and energy investing in different ways to express her understanding of her world. So far, these expressions have taken form through the visual and literal arts.

Kassandra Flores is the child of strong willed parents who had a plan for her to become the first female president. She did not follow their plan, for as she grew, she learned to have a will of her own. Nonetheless, her parents love her and she in turn loves everyone and anything that even has the hint of a smile on her path.

Amanda Holstien is a member of the Houston Community College Honors College and a philosophy major. Her goals in life are to be a philosophy professor, win a Nobel Prize in Literature, and train her dog to stop barking when someone knocks at the door. Medium-rare steak, red wine, and any pretentious quote by Sartre spoken in French are the way to her heart.

Joseph Mokouba-Sony was born and groomed by a black man in “Black man’s land.” His vision is that he will one day wear a stainless white gown with a stethoscope hanging around his neck and his fingers cautiously gripping a scalpel while he waits for the next victim of cardiac arrest to save. Surely, he won’t forget to say his prayers before laying his scalpel on the troubled organ.

Samantha Mysel lives the best way she can manage with experience and communication as her inspiration. She is 23 years close to the grave and diggin’ it.

Lien Thuy Nguyen graduated from the Molecular Genetics Technology program at University of Texas-MD Anderson Cancer Center in 2009. She has been working at Baylor College of Medicine-Human Genetics Laboratory since August 2009. Her hobbies are reading, cooking, and swimming.

Ariel Perez is an aspiring writer and she’s hoping to one day make it to the big leagues. For now she posts her stories to and hopes to one day become a fiction writer.

Jason Reinhardt has lived in Houston so long he finds the weather pleasant. He hopes to be published in literary journals with cool names (Prairie Schooner, Eleven Eleven, Sugar House Review, Zoetrope: All-Story, etc.). A self-help book is not forthcoming.

Wenhong Ren graduated from medical school and worked as a physician in China. Ten years ago, she came to the U.S. and worked as a Research Assistant at Texas Medical Center. Currently she is working to get a physician’s assistant degree. She enjoys gardening and cooking.

Jaimy Reynolds has achieved the true riches of life becoming humble with a pure heart, mind, and soul. He has found inner peace in a world in which good people are becoming extinct. This son of God flies although he has been set up to fall.

Stephen Riley enjoys writing and gets pleasure from pedaling really fast and observing everyday life. He also thinks that pumpkins are delicious.

Daniel Shanks is full of ambiguity and wonder. He enjoys using bright colors to make dark stories full of unsuspected and creative morals.

SaMantha Shields is an only child who has thrived on imagination. Through this imagination she has met many people, done many things, seen many places, and now, she unselfishly wants to share them with you.

Katarzyna Suchodolska is a kitchen mess-maker from Poland. She truly believes that no matter what the question, the answer is always chocolate.

Elizabeth Yang is a psychology major with plenty of life lessons learned and many more to be learned. Her son is her inspiration for what she does, and she hopes to inspire him as well.

Sarah Zaman is a 22-year-old searching to find the truth behind everything. She is honest, sometimes to her disadvantage. She is still in the process of growing up, and she is not sure if that will ever change over the course of her life.

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