Henry Edwards

Taken from the motherland, not by choice.
Forced to learn, burn, just to earn
a place in this space
they call America, God shed his grace on me
help me see why my people had to leave
their home just to roam like the buffalo
in a cage.
Do they have the rage my nubian prince and princesses felt
when they were taken away?

Here now, time continues to flow
will we ever know
what would become of the african I am
Would I be in class?
Could I pass the SAT?
or be a statistic HIV?
help me see that it may have been preordained
to reign as king with a pot o’ gold
or will I be CEO
of a country that still has issues with the color brown?
I’ll wear my imaginary crown and thank God for shedding grace
and putting a place for me to
breathe and seize the opportunities knock-knock

who’s there?
An african american who wants to share
his experiences, his struggles, his poverty
his love for humanity and equality will he ever see these are
colors of all ethnicity

Mondrian by Kekoa Mortatin

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Archives: Spring 2010.

2 Responses to Untitled

  1. Felicia Dibrell says:

    The sound of one hand clapping!!!!!! 🙂 Great poetry from the heart.

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