Suite 607

Laura Rodriguez (3rd place. Poetry. Spring 2010 Writing Contest)

Always On My Mind by Melody Medina

The one with
Slacks and button-ups.
The one with
Negotiations and cold coffee.
The one with
Late nights and left overs.
The one with
Four kids and no time.

It’s this older life I’m afraid of
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Archives: Spring 2010.

2 Responses to Suite 607

  1. elijahprophet says:

    gee my dearest friend, i always knew you were a giver of life. your poem is so rich with substsance and humility. laura, you are truly a gift to life and a precious dove.

    i count it a honor to know you and would love to know what are the hidden thoughts of your tender heart. you would have gotten my vote for 1st. place. thank you for sharing your gift with me.

  2. Felicia Dibrell says:

    I agree this poem is good. Would love to read more.

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