Landrian Buckham (2nd place. Poetry. Spring 2010 Writing Contest)

One family’s lost dream tossed to the wind.

Untitled by Jake Hooper

Love always betrays.
The man in the white surgical coat
took it all away.
Womb ripped asunder by a stranger.
A biohazard waste product
is all for the best.

Daughter of endless night your body
weaves a tale that no one sees.
Motions flurry on the silver pole
that connects hell to heaven.
Spin round and around like a broken top.
Spread your pride open so they can see
your wound.
A shower of money and giggles
of childish delight rush to fill
that void.
Jack Daniels takes care of your twins,
cocaine and ecstasy, as you wait
to dance in eternal sun.
Archives: Spring 2010.

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