Notes on Contributors

Born and raised Nigerian, Lewis Agulue’s culture taught him that a hard working man comes home everyday with the evidence of toil on his shirt and his hands; so whenever he finishes writing, he likes to roll around in the dirt to keep up the tradition. He loves riding motorcycles because of the freedom he experiences, and he loves creative writing because it gives him the the chance to fully explore his imagination and its endless possibilities.

Amanda Holstien is a member of the Houston Community College Honors College and a philosophy major. Her goals in life are to be a philosophy professor, win a Nobel Prize in Literature, and train her dog to stop barking when someone knocks at the door. Medium-rare steak, red wine, and any pretentious quote by Sartre spoken in French
are the way to her heart.

Elizabeth Yang is a psychology major with plenty of life lessons learned and many more to be learned. Her son is her inspiration for what she does, and she hopes to inspire him as well.

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