Thanks to: Dr. Alan Ainsworth, Scott Carothers, the College Activity Board members, Edwin Gallaher, Leah Wallace, Dan Koon, Randi Long, Alan Yaacoub, Denny Smith, Dr. Sharon Klander, Dr. Randall Watson, Dr. Claire Kageyama-Ramakrishnan, Sebastian Gonzalez, Tony Diaz, Linda Daigle, Dr. Iris Rozencwajg, and all the faculty and staff of the English and Fine Arts departments of HCC Central.

2 Girls and A Bike by Alicia Ramos

Faculty Sponsor and Managing Editor
Dr. Ranjana Varghese
Spring 2010 Writing Contest Student Jurors
Randi Long
Alan Yaacoub
Faculty jurors
Dan Koon
Dr. Ranjana Varghese
Title artwork: detail from 2 Girls and a Bike by Alicia Ramos
Archives: Spring 2010.

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