Your Queen

by Adrienne Carrington

In the cold wind of October
Your name whispers from my chapped lips
I watch the goose-bumps crawl up my arms
As your hands slide around my hips
Every time the wind blows, the air gets colder
The rose in my hand starts to tip
You embrace me with your body, so soft and warm
I feel the black velvet around my heart begin to rip
When you stare at me, your eyes tend to smolder
And anything that I was gonna say, my lips do zip
I know you will never cause me any harm
From your cup of love, I do sip
The pain rolls off my back like on top of a cliff will a boulder
Amidst the sting of the rain that steadily whips
Soaking wet, you carry me to your car
I always enjoy to my neck your random nips
You are my winter romance
You are my October king
Over you, I will choose no man
And till the day I die, I shall be your Queen.

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