by Adrienne Carrington

Words are building blocks of stories
They create and destroy lives
They can either be cool or annoying
Words are husbands, actions are their wives
They can unite and split
They can clean wounds and heal souls
The wrong ones might put you in a crypt
When it comes to them, be careful how you choose roles
Words are symphonic orchestras
And psychedelic butterflies
They can cover and protect you like umbrellas
Bit at the same time, they’re able to belie
Kaleidoscope rainbows, intricate designs
Abschied symphonies, homecoming hymns
As old as inhumane crimes
As young as newborn babies, such precious gems
Weak as a bruised and broken wing
Strong as the will of God
Hot as a freshly welded ring
Cold as a frozen rod
Abschied symphony, Annabel Lee
Dorianne Laux, Edgar Allen Poe
Maya Angelou,
I know why the caged bird sings
Greatest stories ever told
It’s amazing what words can do
They can alter entire lifestyles
Chaotic as a zoo
Patient as a nun’s smile
Elusive as a CIA agent
Open as a countryside farm
Spellbound as a Pagan
Realistic as a jailhouse yard
Words are weapons of mass destruction
And the armor of heavenly angels
Words can stop an entire system of production
They can smooth things over, or just make them tangled
Words are neurotransmitters with sporadic reactions
They are equilibrium and homeostasis at times of ease
They fill the avid reader with satisfaction
Cliff hangers and open endings always tease

The Family by My Duong

The Family by My Duong

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