Snap Out of Your Fantasy

by Adrienne Carrington

Look around and what do you see?
Steady living in a fantasy.
All you have to do is open your eyes, and look inside.
See the blood and pain, the children’s eyes.
See the little girl, raped and beaten.
She has no fight left, she is defeated.
She cries out for help but no one hears.
A week later, she’s disappeared.
What about the restavecs down in Haiti?
The children are steady being sold into slavery.
Who’s fighting to help them out?
The government steady giving a round-a-bout.
See the promises made by the Holy Devil.
How many of you will stoop to his level?
Abuse steady spreads like a wood-forest fire.
Promoting child prostitution, who are the buyers?
All kinds of abuse, kill, and rape,
While the children steady try to escape.
Why aren’t you trying to come to their aid?
How much money do you have to be paid?
The world is filled with hypocrites.
Saying they’ll do that, and they’ll do this.
But what will it take to make you see?
These children are the future for you and me.
So snap out of your fantasy.

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