by Helen Casillas

The trees, whispering to each other talking behind her back to one another…the dead leaves spiraling dancing mighty and quick along her side. The girl walking, broken without direction without a place to truly call her home. Well, this was her home…the forest. A place were the words could no longer reach her where the bullets no longer reached. “Fat, stupid, useless” the words going in circles in the girls head. She needed to stop, to breath, to realize she was still see she was still flesh and bone. She needed someone to break the circle but no one was there. The wind slapping her face, stinging trying to wake her up from the broken world. The crunching of dead leaves beneath her quick steps. The goosebumps on her skin..her wet cheeks, her exhausted heart. Her head throbbing from the crying her body tired her legs aching her body cold freezing numbness in her hands her fingers cold like ice her tears fell like crystals piercing her eyes delicately and painfully. The pain in her body urged but she didn’t stop. The wind blowing strong and sharp trying to slow her down whipping her hair back stinging her face then….she stops…dead on her much that the forest is disturbed..abruptly stopped out of nowhere the trees sigh, the wind calms down, the leaves die out. the world stood still for a second. Then..she broke down, fell to the ground. The leaves and twigs making a bed for the weak young broken princess the wind blowing in circles around her keeping her safe. Her face pressed on the leaves the twigs cutting into her delicate face but she didn’t care. Her tears falling quickly and suddenly. Her hands grasping the moist ground feeling the dry broken leaves in her cold fist her cheeks filled with wet dirt her brown locks decorated with leaves sticks and dirt to make a crown her eyes wide open taking it in all of it. Beautiful, beautiful disaster wasn’t it? Wasn’t…she? And In a blink of eye she was gone, gone from earth finally at peace the young broken princess felt no more pain and was in no harm. Hours later, the police sirens came screaming yelling the vivid blue and red pounding out the chaos the screams and tears the devastation the sorrow the guilt breathed in by the people who had supposedly loved her, no cause of death found. They just claimed she took her life to feel better about their sick pathetic self. The pain and guilt running through their veins The young broken princess died of a broken heart, a heart can only take so many wounds until even it..dies slowly and miserably.

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