Open my wings and fly

by Glenda Manzano

High above the ground
Over the treetops
Into the clouds

I whisper your name
As I look to the stars
I’m high up in the air
Yet so afraid of falling down

I close my eyes
I look into the past
There’s a smile on your face
Nothing can compare

That smile I miss so much
That smile I’ll never see again
You were always in a hurry
I never understood why

You were so carefree
So young
None of that matters anymore
You’re only but a memory
A few photographs on the wall

Now you’re six feet under
Taken from us all
Things will never be the same

Many years have gone by
Yet it feels like yesterday
When I heard you call my name

I feel the breeze caress my face
As I fall ever so slowly towards the ground
I’m not afraid anymore
There’s been so much pain

I now feel numb
So lost
Hoping that I will see you soon

I look up to the moon
It shines so bright
Guiding me as I fall

I wonder if she remembers
Seeing you that last night
Maybe she got to say goodbye

So many words have gone unspoken
Things I never got to say
So many nights spent crying
Talking as if you had never gone away

Always hoping I’d wake up
And that it all was just a bad dream
I always thought we’d just grow old
Never did I think you’d soon be gone

As I close my eyes once again
There you are
Sitting on the sand
Staring at the waves crashing down

As you turn to me
You smile that amazing smile
Making me feel like I am at home
You say everything is going to be ok
That you’ll always be there

As I hit the ground
I open my eyes
It’s all so dark
I’m in my room

Lying on my bed
My pillow stained with tears
And I realize
It was all just a dream

Until the next time
That I will open my wings and fly

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