It’s This Older Life I’m Afraid Of

by William Stegall

It’s this older life I’m afraid of, wanting to see stars in the night.
These are not stars, they’re my own eye lids.
I don’t know if my conscious knows how, to rest my bones that ache.
Cramping till my pain goes away.
The luxuries pass so fast,
a half a century passed.
Enjoying life is still fun, with all the experiences I have spun.
Now that I take the time to unwind, the brightness still shines.
On my illumated mind, oh! Tell me the details so I can settle the score.
Never mind, this is not a game I play,
I only rise to another day. Plenty of shoes to fill,
least my own will tell.
In my dream like state, can’t wait to my turn, at these pages that seem to never end.
Do tell! Shut my mouth.
As I am energized, by the coffee smell.

Over Eaters Anonymous by Maria Saldana

Over Eaters Anonymous by Maria Saldana

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