In My Mother’s Hand

by Theresa Thanars

In my Mother’s hand small but meek,
Hands of color, narrow and deep
Mother, but one of you I love so
Child I have you never to die old.

In my Mother’s hand I fall to sleep safe,
The only things that matter are lying safe in her hands
Time I do not look forward to, the child that I am
The smell of bay leaves and cinnamon on your hands
I look forward to going home after church, to eat the stuff turkey and
Cornbread dressing that you prepared and the peach cobbler and all the trimmings

The way you put your hands together for prayer at dinner
The way you brush my hair back out of my face,
The way you take your hand and wipe my tears away
The peaceful calm look in your eyes made me feel safe that I will never forget

All that you do with your maternal love safety I will always know
Always keeping me safe, holding on to your hands never wanting to let go
Lying safe in warm that I am, not looking to get old just lying safe that I am.
Mother and child forever, protecting from the world I lay.

My Mother’s hands caring me far to safety, not caring about anyone else,
Hands I say to you, old have you become, wrinkled but sturdy you still carry me
Now time is coming to fast I see with long lines, even finger nails may be,
Gentle as they are, never to cut me

The time is coming nearer and I do not want to see,
You’re wrinkled hands long finger nails and me
Would you consider my hands to small but meek that I am?
Caring you in my hands that I am, strong as I to

But I am not afraid to see what lies ahead safety you taught me,
I love to do the same for you, young that I am caring, I love you.
Time has pass old as I am as you, now I brush your hair back out of your face
Church we still go sitting side by side, each hand together now some wrinkled I see
Not afraid you taught me well, cooking for you now all the trimmings I cannot wait

Hands your hands, mines to, years have pass hands of old but hands of love but meek
Narrow and deep, lay down my mother and sleep, safety I will protect thee
Not afraid you taught me well. Your hands I remember holding me close
The smell of your hands like baby oil, and power which I love so dear
You were always neat to dress as you have always’ taught me. “Stand up straight never bends”
Keep your hands in God’s Hands and everything will be alright
I will always remember you setting by me in church as I do my own children now
Your hands, my hands, now their hands, protecting as we go touch as gentle as I do

I will never forget the hands that brought me not afraid of nothing, watching, protecting
Strength, of old hands of new. Touch of a mother’s hands is always the beginning
The cycle of life always start with the love of a mother’s touch.

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