A Voice

by Robert Crawford

There is a VOICE; call it conscience, intuition, call it a right idea we rarely chose because something else seemed more fun or felt better, or call it God. Whatever you call it, I suspect It’s inside us all. It’s been there since the beginning, from the big stuff all the way down to which straw to pick, softly, gently, nudging us with all the right answers.

Battle Formation by Shuk Chun Tang

Battle Formation by Shuk Chun Tang

One day I’ll be on my deathbed. Then I’ll think of all the “should haves, could haves and would haves.” I’ll know that all the things and people I blamed were just excuses to avoid applying myself. I’ll know that inside I’d already known all of this for a long time. I’ll wish for one more chance, knowing I’d had thousands already. But then, it’ll be too late.

I don’t want to experience this. I don’t want anyone to experience this. What can I do today, this moment, differently than the way I’ve been doing it? Because this moment we all still have a chance…

My hand writes this, but it wasn’t me. I was only listening to, THE VOICE…

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