Adrienne Carrington is 21 and has been writing poetry since the 6th grade. She believes that words are the greatest way to express the thoughts you can’t say out loud. Writing has gotten her through her darkest times and her brightest days. She hopes you enjoy her works.

Otha Norton is a freshman at Houston Community College pursing a degree in Nursing. While he has always been fond of reading, writing on the other hand was never really thought about. Upon entering in his first semester enrolled in 1301 English with Dr. Crotser he found a new passion for writing. Pushed to the limits of his creativity by a great Professor he looks forward to his new hobby.

Window Lighting by Myunique Green

Window Lighting by Myunique Green

Katie Rogers, a Cleveland, OH native, claims that her itchy feet and gypsy heart are what brought her to Texas. She still isn’t sure why she’s stayed so long. Rogers’ writing style could be described as imperfect, as she believes the raw nature of a first writing conveys a precious authenticity. Thus, her first drafts are often her last. She finds the process cathartic, and relates to Blais Cendrars, who wrote: “Writing is being burned alive. But it is also being reborn from the ashes.”

Tiffany Spence is a 29 year old, ambitious mother of two. She is currently a student at the Houston Community College and is striving to obtain a degree in Business Administration. During her leisure time, she enjoys spending time with her family and reading.

Robert Crawford was born in Lamarque, Texas. He’s an Army veteran and an electrician. He’s currently working towards an Associate of Arts degree to enhance his writing skills and as a personal goal to stay active and continue learning. Through trial and error in his life of hard knocks due to his own rebellion, he has found the ability to find much truth, clarity and peace through writing and hopes that others may benefit from some of his findings. To keep it one must give it away.

Karah Kay Pay-an is 20 years old. She is a full time student pursuing the major of nursing. She loves reading, especially fantasy genre books. She collects classic books as her hobby. She draws her inspiration from her own experiences as well as from experiences that were shared to her by her loved ones.

Zazil Libertad Farfan was born in Mexico City, Mexico on September 6, 1996.  She moved to Houston, Texas at the age of three with her brother and mother. Zazil is now 18 years old. She is a senior at the Houston Academy for International Studies (HAIS). HAIS students such as Zazil are required to take HCC classes in order to graduate with their Associates Degree by the time they finish high school. Ms. Farfan is pursuing a degree in the arts. She is passionate about design, photography, and writing and is currently writing for Free Press Houston as an intern. The short story she has written is based on the loss of her step-father, Larry Thomas Prevatte, who influenced her throughout her life.

Anthony Lee is a writer and artist. Over the years he has written several short stories, a book, and currently in the process of editing his second book. He has yet to find a publisher, but is determined to get his work published. He has a strong creative mind and wishes to spread the worlds, characters, and adventures he creates with the world. The genre he writes in are: Horror, Science Fiction, Fiction, Suspense, Action, and Fantasy.  His short science fiction story, “Cat Ears,” follows a man name Steve in search of finding a certain man that had betrayed him years ago. In his search he is accompanied by a small girl and her pet goldfish. The story is set in a world that has become a wasteland after many years devastation caused by the third world war.

Glenda Manzano is an undergraduate student at HCC Central Campus currently pursuing an Associate’s Degree in Business Management all while working full time as an Office Administrator in downtown Houston. During her senior year in high school she was an intern at Halliburton in the IT department and graduated in the top 5% of her class.During the work day she works hard and goes to school while at night she dives into books and writing her journal.

Falieta Green is a 47 year old female who dropped out of school in the 7th grade and after 20+ years decide to walk in her fear.  She achieved her G.E.D. in 2013. She is now a student at Houston Community College working toward her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing.” Yes!” She can’t believe it, but she made it. Her mother, who inspired the piece she wrote, has shown her by example, that no matter what the adversity, it’s never too late for success. No matter what the outcome is, she wants someone to read her story of hope and think about education and making their dreams come true. “May God Bless the Reader.”

William Stegall is a student at Houston Community  College, Raised Military Brat, War Veteran, and Semi-Tractor Trailer Truck Driver having driven every State in America except North Dakota, and Hawaii.
He is a Rider of Bulls and loves horses. He is pursuing to go to Law School in Houston, TX. He has lived in Houston, the gateway city, for the past 10 years. This is his first work as a Poet. He would like to acknowledge with much gratitude and thanks all of HCC’s professors and humbly thanks Dr. Sharon Klander for seeing something in his work. Future writing will be about America and the beauty he has seen, along with his love for God, Family, and Country. “Go Eagles.”


Funky Background by Yasir Safuddin

Funky Background by Yasir Safuddin

Stephanie Carrillo was born and raised in Houston, TX. She began her studies at Tarleton State University, but after changing her major to Biomedical Science and Radiology, she returned to her hometown and transferred to HCC. Her goal is to study embryology and eventually become a radiologist. She cites her mother and aunt as being strong influences in her life.

Artist statement: I drew upon the work of Richard Tuttle as inspiration for my piece, “Urban Machine.” In addition to exploring space and experimenting with various media, I intended my piece to evoke a futuristic structure—perhaps some kind of a machine or architectural element. I would like the sculpture to arouse the curiosity of viewers and have them wonder if the piece is capable of movement or has a practical function.

John Davis was born in Boston Massachusetts, before settling with his family in West Palm Beach, FL as a child. He was raised on a horse farm there, moving to Houston when he was eighteen. After working at hotels, restaurants and bars, he decided to attend college and enrolled at HCC to study Business with a minor in Art. He is pursuing his dream to become a board game publisher.

Artist Statement: The roots of my piece, “Portent Americana,” began in an old apartment complex being torn down for a new high rise. I recovered the lock sections of doors from that complex, and the rest flowed from there. The line quality is very important as it draws the eye to the various treasures hidden throughout. The rustic piece offers the viewer a portal to a simpler time, with its volume inviting one to “step through.” Certain aspects of the piece reinforce this by using the viewer’s emotions and memories of commonplace items woven into the artwork to cement the nature of the sculpture.

My Duong was born and raised in Vietnam. She has been living in Houston, Texas for the last seven years. She attended the University of Houston, where she received her BBA in Finance in 2012. Currently, she is taking courses at HCC and pursuing her second degree in Liberal Arts.

Artist Statement: My sculpture, “The Family” explores the concepts of gentleness and nurturing. I wanted these nesting forms to seem as if they were drawing sustenance from one another.

Robert Garcia was born in Baltimore Maryland and moved to Houston when he was 7. He started photography when he was in high school and ran with it ever since. He plans to study photography at The University of Houston.He loves to photograph with long exposures at night. He has also been a participant in the HCC Central Student Exhibition.

Jessica “Jess” Guardiola was born and raised in Houston, TX. Currently, she is working on her degree in Fashion Design at HCC-Central. Art is a way for her to realize her thoughts into the material world.

Artist Statement: The movement of water inspired my piece, “Toaster in the Bathtub.” I wanted to simplify and capture that moment when a drop of water lands and splashes about.

Truc Luong is an international student and lives in Houston, TX. He is Vietnamese, was born in 1993 and came to Houston on January 2014. Currently he is studying at Houston Community College. His major is Medical Health and Science. He studied the Digital Arts in class in the Fall semester.

Tanzy Mai

Model ’76, made of worry and tics
in Houston was born and raised.
She uses her head to study pastry and bread
but with art she has been most amazed.

Artist Statement:This piece is a glimpse of a dimension where tangible objects can capture then realize sentiment.

Ronnie “Robot Ronnie” Horton has studied at HCC for the past two years, taking courses in painting, printmaking, and sculpture. He is working toward a Ph.D. in clinical psychology. He hopes to focus an equal effort on the study and creation of art. Recently, he has acquired a studio at Winter Street Studios where he will work and continue to exhibit his art.

Artist Statement: In my sculpture, “The Cult of Classic Culture,” I attempt to capture and express a glimpse of contemporary culture. My intention is to build upon the foundation in which I address cultural, political, and social issues. I believe that art is the expression of an altered reality that enhances our awareness of emotion.

Maria Saldaña: A daughter of immigrants, Maria Saldaña is from Houston, TX. Growing up in a neighborhood replete with criminals and addicts, she still has fond memories of that place among the dark scenarios. She first became interested in art when she was eight years old and saw a show on Telemundo celebrating Mexican art and Frida Kahlo. After that, she was consumed and eager to learn more. She is studying photography at HCC and will transfer to the University of Houston to complete her degree. Her favorite artist is Sally Mann.

Artist Statement: I wanted my piece, “Over Eaters Anonymous,” to say a little about my interest in medical science. Since I was young, I was always interested in the ingenuity, the history, the people, and the mystery of the human body. This piece is also a statement for those who told me I should get a stable and more realistic job. I want my critics to understand that this is my passion and having passion is a key component to success in life and art.

Shuk-Chun (Louisa) Tang was born in Cambodia in 1972. Her family emigrated to Hong Kong before the genocide started in 1975. Being fascinated by nature, she majored in biology. To extend her interest in science, she pursued graduate study in biomedical research and came to the United States in 2000 as a research scientist. Being heavily trained in the logical thinking, she likes creating artwork as a way to express her emotion. She had her first camera after college and photography has become her passion since then. Other than taking pictures of the biological specimens under the microscope, she also likes to travel and take photos of different cultures. To her, photography is an art of observation. It is about finding something extraordinary in an ordinary place. It can be a powerful medium of expression and communications. She dreams of becoming a medical illustrator one day. She is currently a practicing pharmacist in Houston, Texas.

Ngoc “Jade” Vu was born in Vietnam and raised in Houston, TX. She is a daughter, wife, and mother. After 20 years in the banking industry, she decided to go back to college to earn a degree and change her career path. She chose to study Pastry Arts and will be obtaining her AAS at the end of the Fall 2014 semester at HCC. She is currently working as a baker and enjoying her new journey.

Artist Statement: My found object piece, “Breaking Traditions”, was inspired from several short documentaries I have seen about the treatment of young girls/women in different cultures around the world. I recognize that some traditions can hinder or even trap some girls into societal roles. I believe we need to evaluate these traditions to determine their value or harm in today’s global society.

Marcus “Khi” Willis was raised in Austin,TX, and moved to Houston three years ago. His passion is drawing. Currently, he attends HCC and plans to major in Graphic Design. His goal is to be a successful artist with his own business.

Artist Statement: My sculpture, “Is This a Trap?” explores how various parts of a sculpture can connect with one another and relate to their surroundings. My goal was to use common everyday materials in an uncommon manner. I also wanted to create an interactive sculpture for my two curious cats. The cats now enjoy the piece as much as I do—and are the inspiration for the title of the work.


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