Truth be Told (A Poem Meant to be Spoken)

by Alexis

Great art should polarize
To do that it must briefly reveal the author’s soul
Well Damn…
I’ve never felt comfortable leaving myself so exposed
Truth be told

Though I’m normally not the type to confess
I’m, presented with an opportunity to get some shit off my chest
So, I don’t quite know where this is going
Join me on this brief journey to ease my psyche
And please be
That objective opinion opposing my opinion
On how my life might seem, to me
Like therapy
You know
You could totally be right about me
Truth be told

Most opinions stop at my the clothes
Making dumb ass assumptions
Assuming they know
I’ve learned not to get pissed though
Ignorance is bliss
This shit is out of my control
Truth be told

Martin Ivy, Untitled

Martin Ivy, Untitled

My parents are another subject
I can’t not address that
My dad says he prides himself on family
But shit, dude rarely hits me back
(I wonder if he’ll call me on my birthday)
My mother though
That’s where shit gets tense
Lets just say we figured out
That we cannot closely coexist
(Heart wrenching reality I know)
I forgave her for the lies
But as far as all the nights I slept outside
Or stayed up crying
I guess I still need time
Truth be told

It ain’t all bad though
I’m in love with the girl of my dreams
We look good on instagram
Though shit ain’t always what it seems
We’re still young and growing up
Plus she’s new at this lesbian thing
5 years in the making

And I’ve learned, that Timing is everything

So this moment here
Is as close as I’ve ever been to a dream
Alive and thriving
Chasing happiness by any means
Truth be told

3 Responses to Truth be Told (A Poem Meant to be Spoken)

  1. Truth be told
    That is you 100% but its the same thing u hv been saying…
    Truth be told
    I love to see ur words
    Truth be told
    Write a new chapter

  2. Truth be told
    This is you 100%
    Truth be told
    Its the same thing u hv been saying
    Truth be told
    I love to see ur words
    Truth be told
    Write another chapter

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