Honeysuckle Wind

by Phalesia Gaines

Edna Sandoval, Bappo y Javier

Edna Sandoval, Bappo y Javier

Bringing memories of back then
Spring is here the flowers bloom
I can smell their sweet perfume
In my honeysuckle wind

Honeysuckle wind
Things were different way back when
Childhood memories surfacing
Of the times I use to sing
In my honeysuckle wind

Oh sweet wind carry me
Take my arms give me wings
In your honey breeze
No concerns or worries
When my heart still believed
Oh won’t you please?

Wind carry me home
To a place when I was young
Unafraid to reach the sky
Where no dream would be denied
Take me honeysuckle wind
Honeysuckle wind
Now I’ve learned from where I’ve been
Lost time isn’t found again
So I’ll love until the end
Thank you Honeysuckle wind

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