Fire Within

by Alejandra Martinez

Stepping off into the vanishing clouds
Attacking the ground below, we go
Parachute are you shy? Will you please unveil yourself to me?
Race cars unleashed through my veins at the speed of a cheetah

Numbing sensation installing itself upon my rubber skin
Metallica concert taking place within the concert hall of my ears
As I descend from the burning volcano in the heavens

Unwilling decent from a plane
Whose destination was paradise in clear-water beaches in Cancun
Now melts as the fire mingles with the sun’s rays

Below the beauty of life lies
Green pasture slowly blending into the watery snake
Ocean of trees revealing themselves
After playing hide and seek with the clouds

The possibility to relive the sunny afternoon
Where I played catch with my identical offspring
Depends on a disguised second chance
Dressed in a parachute outfit
Now parachute will you please unveil yourself to me?
For I feel the desire igniting within to grace earth’s living once more

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