A Modicum of Insanity

by Cynthia Gilmore

Textures 003

Michael McCain, Textures

When all the world is noisy and calling me uproariously; beckoning                                                                                       me to come
I get a little frustrated so I pray for the quiet

Then all I hear is quiet and no sounds come to calm my heart; never caring                                                                               that I’m glum
I get a little frustrated so I pray for the noise

A confused mind looking through confused eyes that don’t see
Soulless and empty staring through a looking glass at me

Travail and triumph, faithful pursuers of pain
Hopelessness all at once, no prize in sight to gain

And then I’m all shook up, truth as an unwanted intrusion
And then I’m all worked up, captive of a beautiful delusion

Scared to let the world see my weakness: fear itself
Afraid to dream too many dreams: devoid of all help

Cut off from the earth, my humanity gambled and lost
Time to sever the bonds of insanity, paid in full no matter the cost

And then I’m all cried out, as if enough to start a river flowing
And then I’m always talked about, I’m holding fast to the all- knowing

I find my peace in strong arms; they never suffer me to fall
I find salvation in unfailing grace; his mercy above all

In the noise of the day, in the quiet of a lonely night
In my soul I’m finally free to spread my wings in flight

1 Response to A Modicum of Insanity

  1. Glenda drake says:

    Wonderful my nicese from you aunt Glenda

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