Contributor Bios

Veronica L. Aguilar is 27 years old and was born and raised in Laredo, Texas. She has lived in Houston for about a year and a half. She enjoys reading and writing in her spare time. She is honored to have been chosen by Midtown and will be graduating from Houston Community College this December 2013 with an Associates in Art-Information Technology after which she will be pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems with a minor in Management at the University of Houston.

Robert Beydler is nineteen years old, the self-proclaimed worst writer you will ever meet, and wants to grow up to be a big artificial Christmas tree… no not really. He is nineteen years old and has only been called “Bobby” by his uncle Greg once. Robert has lived with his mother, sister, and grandmother for all these years in Texas. Originally born in Wyoming, his mother Robin moved with his sister Marybeth and him to Texas when he was two years old to live with their grandmother; he is happy to be living here. He has been taught by his mother and grandmother how to draw from the age of six, and was taught how to be a man from Hector Diaz by the age of eighteen. Accomplished human beings in society, his sister and him did it all without their father in the picture; it just goes to show what a single mother can do for her two kids. Thank god she didn’t name him “Jim-Bob” and no, he isn’t really a “Bubba” either, to his cat he goes as “Buddy” and that’s enough excitement for him.

 Alexandra Castro is a native Houstonian. When not reading or exploring sewage lines, she takes an interest in nutrition, shoe shopping, and bird hunting to entertain her cat.

Gaukhar Inebayeva is 17 years old and has always loved to write stories. Her motherland is Kazakhstan, but in the last 10 months she has been in Houston which is her favorite place of all in America. Her imagination often helps her create new characters with their own habits and attitudes. Every new person or thing in her consciousness comes alive on the paper. She hopes that people, who read her “little story” from her childhood gradually feel it. Her name “Gaukhar” means “diamond” in her language.

Angel Leon was born in Mexicali, Mexico but was raised in Southern California. He is currently seeking a degree in Mechanical Engineering at Houston Community College and looking forward to transferring to the University of Houston next year.  In his time off from work and school, he likes to relax on the couch watching a movie with his loved ones or watching a good game of football.

Alejandra Martinez is an aspiring writer from Houston. Her goal is to some day surpass the great Stephen King, who she admires for such thrilling stories. Despite the struggles faced she believes that life is like the wind, contaminated or not it goes on.

Michael McCain is a native of Houston, Texas who has moved around quite a bit while serving in the Army during the late 80’s and early 90’s. Michael has always had a passion for photography and has dabbled a bit in it in his lifetime. His professional influences are Abelardo Morell and Hiroshi Sugimoto. He feels as if his photograph “Uncertain Conditions” captures both of these artists together in that scene. Michael believes that if it weren’t for the devoted tutelage of Professor Bennie Ansell with her ability to instill into her students the inspiration to create art, he would not have been able to produce such an awesome photo. His gratitude goes out to her.

Julie Anne Nielsen was born in New York and is currently studying science and history at HCC. She loves animals, reading, learning, baking and anything that has to do with space. Her motto in life is: Work Hard, Play Hard, Be Kind.

Adrianna Noyola grew up in a middle-class family on the Southeast side of Houston, Texas. She attended and graduated, with honors, from Cesar E. Chavez High school and is currently a student of the Houston Community College. Her sole motivation for writing is to keep her sane in her busy school and family life. She hopes to further her writing into a more professional environment.

Lisa Pha (Faye) is a new student at HCC who loves the arts.  She wrote her poem “Honeysuckle Wind” when her father was fighting cancer and told her, “In the end you don’t revel in your accomplishments but dismay in the things you never got to do. Go for it Lisa.  Whatever it is you dream of doing…do it!”

Katarzyna Suchodolska is a photography student at HCC. Born and raised in Poland, she now lives in Houston with her rescue pit bull.

Randall Tyrone is a humanoid that writes self-incriminating poetics and flash fictions. He just wants to hold you, gurl.

Rolando Velazquez was born in Monterrey, Mexico in 1991. He lived there most of his live until 2011 when he moved to Houston. He’s 22 years old, a Cancer, a son, a brother and a friend. He is majoring in Public Relations. This is his first published work but it won’t be the last one.

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