The Drink

Jose Martinez
                               On this night you are cold and bold
Refreshing from the moment you enter me
Two of a kind are none like you
I waited for you so patiently all week
Now it is time for us to rendezvous
We go round after round this night
                               Sickness and agony you will bring to me
Tomorrow a different story I will recall
Your full powerful effect I will enjoy
The bittersweet moment my lips embraced
Today’s peace you bring to me
My dispositions you fill with your presence
Now bring forth your sinister rage
Hardship bliss on this mysterious nightfall
So beloved one make me wait no more
Before twilight’s early dew
I shall return once again to be embraced by you
We are intermingling and fused eternally.

Elizabeth Rhyne, Restrained Unable to Soar

Elizabeth Rhyne, Restrained Unable to Soar


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