Briana Soler
Like rats in a cage, we are the same.
Glass windows; the sun is shining so beautifully
But we are trapped on the inside,
Wandering around aimlessly.
Always looking out the big glass windows, at the beautiful world out there.
But we are here
Enclosed by these four walls stacked with merchandise
With cold AC, making me shiver for all eight hours of my shift
The awful smell of luggage and leather mixed together
The silence of an empty store echoing
Waiting for the next victim to walk in so we can hassle them
With sales, useless sales filled with useless words.
Only to comfort their confused souls on if they should waste their money or not.
And with a fake smile, and a half hearted laugh we satisfy them.

Faatimah Chambala, My Future Fantasy

Faatimah Chambala, My Future Fantasy

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