Great Depression

Kim Roberts
I don’t remember much about this time period.
What I do remember made me not take life for a piece of candy
My pops always had the green paper and silver coins.
But in a blink of a six-year-old’s eye things went tumbling down in our house.
My father didn’t look the same and neither did my mother. I thought to myself it was little me who fought.
I wish I can go and make some green paper for my family.
My pops didn’t have the green paper no more, it was only two big coins coming home.
It was no more carpenter’s job, it was cleaning a farmhouse for milk.
For Christmas it wasn’t store bought toys, it was handmade toys.
My father and mother made the best out of it.
That’s why I don’t take life for a piece of candy.

David Flory, Orange Teacups

David Flory, Orange Teacups

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