Ain’t That Something

Dianne Miller (3rd place. Poetry. Fall 2012 Writing Contest.)

Jennifer Battaglia, Electric Kiss

Jennifer Battaglia, Electric Kiss

I’ll say it one more time
Don’t sail the seven seas
Looking for blue, green, yellow or red
For me
I am here
Just being blue
Wanting to be with you
Ain’t that something?
When I’m with you I feel love
Love, love, love
That’s something
Ain’t that something?
You’re in my dreams everyday
That is to be made clear
I’m willing to go blind
The only thing I can see is you
You loving me
Ain’t that something?
I can be your art gallery
Filling those week-enders
Wednesday’s sleep-in
Slumbering for two
Never off on Sundays
We wouldn’t want to make it sinless
Be your teaser on Tuesday and Thursday
You know it will only last an hour or two
Ain’t that something?
Roses are red sometimes
Violets are sometimes blue
The grass is always green
The highest mountain top will eventually crumble
The clouds are never dependable for they change too
Water will run anywhere
Can it be obtained?
When I’m with you
I’m never blue
Vinita Israni, My Other Half

Vinita Israni, My Other Half

Ain’t that something?
For me
Love stays in the air
The heavens seem endless
Ain’t that something?
Forty days and forty nights
It rained ’til dawn’s early light
Wasn’t that something?
It can rain all day
It can rain all night
You can sail the seven seas
Just be the Rein for me
Rein! Release me! Restrain me!
Just be
We will cheat on off days
Until the lakes and streams dry
You can sail to the North, East and West over
I am hear where clear waters run deep
Just being blue
Wanting to be with you ain’t that something
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