A Seemingly Sweet Encounter

Sage Muttel
At what point is someone deemed approachable?
I do not smile at your pass
I do not engage in conversation
I simply do not care about you at all.
Why did you follow me to my car?
Did I capture your eye?
Did I seem interested in your seemingly important life?
My eyes never saw you.
My gaze never caught yours.
You waited patiently until I passed
Then you seized a chance to catch my footsteps.
I am not a goddess by any means.
I trudge like Shakespeare’s love.
A smile is not carved upon my face.
My fists are forever clenched
As if holding onto my only sense of pride.
Your words came out abrupt and hoarse.
Now I see you.
Now you see me.
At what point is someone deemed approachable?
When you inquired about my life, did I answer?
Did a sweet song escape my lips as you imagined?
Like a coiled snake, I drew by head back.
Words dripped venom onto your inquisitions.
Rage stirred in the pit of my stomach.
Fire boiled and magma oozed from my mouth.
Action replaces words.
Action comes with a price.
Threats come in the shape of a hidden knife
And your baffled expression tells all.
How can you be in a stupor when my tone is terse?
When my answers are barred
And my shoulders are wide like a bull ready to charge
You should have known.
When you go after a bull, you WILL get the horns.

Oluchi Uganze, Prime

Oluchi Uganze, Prime

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