We Don’t

Autumn Hayes
school shoot
serial kill
ski, snorkel, invest, ride horses, vote
(unless it’s Democrat),
pronounce –ing, karaoke, country music,
rock, parent, grow hair, wish,
wear wedge-heel flip-flops, according to this one girl from USC,
yacht, sail, volunteer, travel,
hike, camp, marathon, ice skate, crack,
analyze, acquiesce, independent film,
drink wine and eat cheese at parties,
white water raft, wet weather, wild animals,
revel in the unique beauty that is ours,
honor roll, bungee jump, give a fuck, listen, play guitar,
protest (anymore), give head, read Tolkien,
sci-fi, role play, surf, do right, survive opening credits,
walk alone down dark alleys in heels, investigate,
faint, get married, speak softly, wave glow sticks,
stay faithful, put child molesters in jail, seek help
or anything,
except fight
for our right
to not
           and you?

Catarina Williams

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